The Patronus 8x10 Art Print

Patronus Print Graphic.jpg
Patronus Print Graphic.jpg

The Patronus 8x10 Art Print


The Patronus, driving out the darkness. Inspired by Harry Potter. I find the dementors and patronus to be a very compelling metaphor about depression and hope.

★ Open edition digital prints.

★ Digital reproduction of my original ink and watercolor paintings.

★ Size: 8x10 in.

★ Printed on 120 lb. matte cardstock.

★ Signed.

★ Please allow 3-5 business days for orders to process before shipping.

★ U.S. Shipping only. For international orders, send me an email.

★ Purchase of this artwork does not include any copyrights or licenses. Madalyn McLeod retains all rights and use.

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