Wild Unicorn 11x14 Art Print

Wild Unicorn Print Graphic.jpg
Wild Unicorn Print Graphic.jpg

Wild Unicorn 11x14 Art Print


A lot of mythology about unicorns is about the idea of capturing one. In medieval times, they thought unicorns were so wild and fierce, that no one could catch one by force, but putting a virgin in it’s path would attract it. As pure and perfect beings, unicorns love innocence. I thought it was kind of a sad idea, so I wanted to draw a wild one who was never caught. She peacefully lives in the forest.

★ Open edition digital prints.

★ Digital reproduction of my original ink and watercolor paintings.

★ Size: 11x14 in.

★ Printed on 120 lb. matte cardstock.

★ Signed.

★ Please allow 3-5 business days for orders to process before shipping.

★ U.S. Shipping only. For international orders, send me an email.

★ Purchase of this artwork does not include any copyrights or licenses. Madalyn McLeod retains all rights and use.

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