I am a fantasy artist and illustrator living in Asheville, NC. I work mainly with ink and watercolor to create imaginative worlds and characters, and am inspired by nature, mythology, and all kinds of stories.

I've been drawing my whole life. I was born and raised in a small town called Roanoke Rapids, NC. Art was always my passion, and some of my earliest memories are of playing with crayons. I went to East Carolina University, where I got my BFA in Illustration in 2013, and since then, I've been illustrating books and producing a body of personal artwork. I draw because I love the creative process, and my goal with each painting I make is to create a beautiful, unique work of art that speaks to the heart and imagination.

My favorite review I’ve ever gotten from my work is this, “Hauntingly beautiful and deeply authentic.”


Art Process

I work with mixed media, but more ink and watercolor than anything else. I draw the lineart with waterproof Faber Castell artist pens. Halfway through my process, it looks like a coloring book page. Then I color with watercolor. Sometimes I’ll use an ink wash as well, if it’s a very dark painting. Once the main sections of color are down, I like to add highlights with white ink, gouache or white charcoal. I can also color with Photoshop, and while I enjoy the process, I prefer the feeling of mixing paints and feeling the brush go across the paper. I love working on details, and find it very meditative to get lost in the process of making a piece of art.



Olde Fae Card Game by Changeling Artist Collective 2019

Tiny Dragons Artbook by ArtOrder 2018

The Firefly by Nancy Grey 2018

The Scarecrow by Nancy Grey 2018

Hope by Richard Aab 2018

The Heart of the Beast by Patrick Graff 2017

The Snorkel Bunnies by Dawn Stanford Calisto 2016

Alfred the Possum by Leanne E. Smith 2015



I work out of a home office. A zen, clean space really helps me clear my mind and focus on my work. I love to collect art from other artists and hang them up in my space. Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains also makes for a great source of inspiration. Mountain trails, twisty trees, and local wildlife is all around me.